To the Residents of Chichester,

I am pleased to invite you to the Annual School District Meeting which will be held Saturday, May 8, starting at 9 AM at the Chichester Central School.

What an incredible 14 months this has been! The challenges that have been faced, the obstacles that have been overcome have truly tested our resilience and spirit. Now, being on what is hoped to be the recovery side of Covid, it’s understandable that people are in different places with vaccines, medical conditions and anxiety and we must stay mindful of that. It is my intent to hold a meeting that is sensitive to the needs and preferences of all. I have no doubt that everyone who is in attendance will respect differences and participate in local government in its truest form.

Please see the attached letter detailing important information about the upcoming School District Meeting on May 8th.  It is my privilege to serve as your School District Moderator. I look forward to being part of a meeting that represents the best of Chichester.


Pam Stiles, Chichester School District Moderator