About Us

Chichester School Mission

Chichester Central School will foster a learning community in which academic excellence is promoted, respect for self and others shared, and childhood memories created that lead to a happy, successful adulthood.

Chichester Central School’s Philosophy

The individual is the most important part of the education process. The school is a means of helping the individual to become a contributing member of society. In reaching this goal, the school will strive to make each student a mature individual who has developed a respect for his/herself, and for other persons and property.

The Chichester Central has the responsibility of developing in each child learning skills that the child will need. In attempting to reach that goal, each child shall be afforded opportunities to develop his/her potential to the maximum..

Pembroke Academy
Principal: Brian Beaverstock

Assistant Principal K-4: Amy Binder
Assistant Principal 5-8: Ruth Bidwell
School Hours: 8:15am to 2:45pm
McKinney-Vento Liaison: Amy Binder

New Student Registration

Please stop by the main office during school hours to pick up a registration packet.