Title 1

What is Title 1?

Title I is a program funded by an annual grant from the federal government through the No Child Left Behind Act. The program is designed to provide children an enriched educational program that increases the amount and quality of instructional time, increasing student’s self confidence and academic skills.


Title I  support enables all children to have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging state academic achievement standards and state academic assessments. This can be accomplished by ensuring that high-quality academic assessments, accountability systems, teacher preparation and training, curriculum, and instructional materials are aligned with challenging state academic standards so that students, teachers, parents, and administrators can measure progress against common expectations for student academic achievement; closing the achievement gap between high and low performing children and between disadvantaged children and their more advantaged peers.


Title I instruction is intended to be supplemental to regular classroom instruction and is not intended to replace the regular classroom experience. The goal of the additional support provided is to target areas of weakness, bringing students up to the level of their peers. Therefore, supplementary instruction is coordinated with classroom instruction.  It is designed for reinforcement, reteaching, remediation and/or pre-teaching of a skill.


In order for Title I instruction to be a success, communication must be frequent. Communication between classroom teachers, the Title I Tutor, specialists and parents must occur regularly. In addition, classroom teachers, the Title I Tutor, and specialists must collaborate to ensure the student receives beneficial instruction. Parental involvement is an important element of student success. Parents will receive progress reports containing suggestions for helping their child and be made aware of resources available including on-line support and school-based activities.

Parent Support Links

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